Video Production

A branding video, interview, recorded lecture or the process of editing supplied material all fall under the term of video production. A video producer has the technical expertise required to operate video cameras/equipment, and the experience with video editing softwares to ultimately shoot, edit and deliver a video product.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is more elaborate, it’s a well thought out strategy along with the production described above. It includes clear goals as to the purpose of the message, intended audience and deliberate method of delivery. Your video marketing works alongside and within your overall marketing funnels and sales pipeline.

Pricing and Rates


Half day: $800 (up to 5 hours)

Full day: $1200 (up to 10 hours)

Travel days/hours are billed at 50% of going rate. Travel expenses such as meals, plane tickets or fuel are not included in production rates and will be billed separately.

Video production rates include an experienced camera technician with at least two cameras, audio package, and basic lighting package.


Hourly: $125

Post-Production is when we take raw video footage and edit it into a completed film. This includes adding graphics, sound/music and correcting color. Your project will then be encoded (prepared) for DVD, USB or for the web. We can also assist in uploading your completed file to your website, social media platforms, YouTube channel or Vimeo account.