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Boost your marketing efforts by including video!


What Kind of Video Are You Looking For?


Give your customers an inside view of your business. Show your brand personality with a strategically shot video. Illustrations, interview clips and/or amazing imagery will give your company a more up-to-date persona.


Let your website come to life with a banner video across your home page. Or upgrade your current business videos with an updated intro or outro.


You are not confined to 30 sec spots when you are streaming over the web. Pack your website with helpful materials that your customers will appreciate. Fully leverage your social media efforts with strategic video.


Every product and service on your website should have a descriptive video attached to it. Give your customers the ability to learn more about your business with carefully thought out promotional information.


We don’t do the industry standard walkthrough video. Buyers purchase on emotion and justify with logic. We convey the lifestyle through a well-written script and stunning video imagery. We tell the story, we bring your home to life.


Be relevant with strategic targeting by using the benefits of internet marketing. The old days of “shot gunning” your message into the world and hoping customers come to your door are times of the past. Deliver with intention.


Do you find yourself telling the company story over and over when recruiting new employees? Or maybe your core message is being lost in translation. A great company culture promotes growth and success. Let a recruiting video help your HR department.


Be strategic with your corporate messaging and create an about us video. This gives you the opportunity to tell your entire story directly to your customer. Present the perfect corporate presentation every time with a well thought out script. Make it interesting and informative.


Probably the most impactful and most underutilized form of video on the internet today. The quickest way to gain trust and influence is through training and instructional videos. Help and educate your viewers and they will view you as the industry experts worthy of their trust.


The most effective influence comes from third party endorsements. Let your happy and satisfied customers help build your business through their genuine testimonials. Authentic recommendations from your happy customers will bring success to your sales team.

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Why Choose Bevelacqua Media?

Business Background in Sales & Marketing

Ted Bevelacqua is an expert in video marketing, cost and efficiency management, sales and marketing. He has over three decades of experience helping business owners grow their companies through highly effective video marketing strategies that drive results. Ted knows that cost and efficiency are always top priorities for any business, so he works with his clients to create video content that will capture the attention of their target audience while also providing a return on investment. With his knowledge and expertise, Ted helps businesses reach their goals by creating video content that resonates with viewers and drives them to take action.

Video & Editing Experience

Ted Bevelacqua is an experienced video marketing professional based in Clermont, Florida. With over 30 years of experience helping business owners maximize their video marketing efforts to drive results, Ted is a master at finding the right balance between cost and efficiency while still achieving desired goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, and audience building. His expertise lies in helping businesses create successful video campaigns that result in increased revenue.

Full Service - In House

At Bevelacqua Media, we are a full-service video production company that offers you the perfect solution for all your video marketing needs. From concept development to video editing and post-production, our team of experienced professionals will help you bring your vision to life. We understand the importance of high quality video content in today's business world and strive to provide our clients with creative solutions that will make their videos stand out from the competition. With years of experience in video production and marketing, we have built a strong reputation as one of the leading video production companies in Central Florida. Whether you're looking for an explainer video, promotional video or anything else related to video marketing, get in touch with us today!

Our Clients

What They Say...

“...His digital offering is married to his discipline helping you navigate your budget...”

Scott Crutchfield


“...If you just want someone to sell you a project, they are everywhere. If you want company to be your partner and care for your business like a partner should, you have found it...”

Bryan Potzner

Winboats Dealer Management Systems

"...Bevelacqua Media has the cinematic eye and editing chops to make even the dullest subject matter come alive! From the first client meetings, thru story-boarding to on-site production, and the real magic he works in post-production editing the final product has always been stellar!..."

Doni Keene

Keene Ideas Creative