Useppa Island Highlight Reel

Useppa Island is more than a place…but a feeling.

Nestled along Florida’s fabled Southwest Coast, life here runs on island time. The only pressing decisions? Whether to wake early for a date with a tarpon…or to sleep in for a mid-morning beach bike ride with family. A can’t-miss appointment? A spectacular sunrise or sunset – the kind you find only when the skies surround 360 degrees on a secluded barrier island. The hustle of life fades on approach by boat or sea-plane…to a place that must be seen to understand. Useppa Island is Old Florida…and life as it was meant to be lived…or even call home.

Like neighbors Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island, Useppa Island has been treasured as a tucked away paradise by tycoons, luminaries and presidents alike since the late 1800’s. That rich history is a backdrop today for world-class fishing, endless recreation and a talcum-powder stretch of beachfront on a bridgeless private island in the waterways of Pine Island Sound.

Natural wonders abound on Useppa. Heritage oaks, palms and blooming orchids combine for a lush landscape home to gopher tortoises, cranes, and osprey. The Pink Promenade runs the length of the island’s central ridge – a paved walking path under a magnificent canopy of Banyan trees, cascading bromeliads and coconut palms. Originally constructed of shell and pink sand in 1903, summer evening strolls on the promenade are rewarded with thousands of night-blooming cactus unfurling as the day says goodnight.

A vacation getaway may bring you here, but Useppa Island also offers a welcoming family-friendly community to call home.

Whether a stay to refresh and relax, or a full-time residence, we can make Useppa Island life a part of yours.

Life here has a common goal: to connect with family, the outdoors, and community… and disconnect from the fast pace and demands of ordinary life. A bridgeless island – reached only by sea or air – accomplishes that mission beautifully.